Are you different?

Are you different?

 The world defines different as going against the norm.  In the past, the world has defined being different as being a bad thing.  It was really a lot of prejudice.  If your skin color was different you were treated different. People with disabilities are labeled as different.  People that don’t wear the right clothing or have the right hair style are called different. Now, the world says we should be different and you shouldn’t discriminate because of differences.  Now being different is a good thing.  The world is being double minded.  Being different is bad one day and good the next and what the world is calling good is Sin in the eyes of God.

Why do we try so hard to fit in with the world? Why do we judge ourselves by what the world says is good and why do we condemn ourselves when people don’t like us. Why do we resist being different?  Why do we think it’s a bad thing? 

The Bible says we must not conform to the world. That we live in the world but we are not of this world.  So, Yes, we should be different.  We should stick out in the crowd and not blend in.  God says we are set apart for Him.  We are lights and we should shine out for all to see.  Let them look at us.  We are different.  We are Gods children and we should be proud of it.    We are Gods people.  His holy nation. We are His royal priests. 

Abraham was different.  When God called Abraham he was told to come out from among your family and go to a place I will show you.  He was called out and told to leave his family and go some place that God would show him later.  I can imagine the ridicule he got from his family when he told them and prepared to leave as God directed.  I’m sure it was not easy to be laughed at and ridiculed.  Just like when God told him he would be the Father of many nations though he was 100 years old with no children.  He was different.  He didn’t just blend into the crowd and become like everyone else.  God called him out and he stepped out into his destiny.  He believed God had a plan.

Moses was different from the beginning.  He was a Hebrew child growing up in the household of the Egyptian Pharoah.  How different is that?  While others were born into royalty, Moses floated down the Nile and ended up in royalty. He grew up from infancy knowing he was different and I’m sure everyone pointed it out every chance they got.  Not only that but he was disabled by todays standards because he was a stutterer.   You know that he stood out in a crowd and had people laugh at him.

What about Joseph?  Joseph was the favorite son of Jacob and therefore his brothers hated him.  He grew up not feeling like he fit in except when he was with his father and mother.  He was so different that his brothers threw him into a pit and sold him into slavery.  BUT, God had a plan for Joseph.

Lets think about David.  David was the youngest son of Jesse.  While all his brothers were in the the army Jesse had David out tending sheep.  That’s different.  His brothers treated him different and so did Jesse.  At dinner time, he wasn’t even called in for supper.  But God called David.

What about in the New Testament.  John the Baptist was definitely different.  He lived in the wilderness dressed in animal hair and ate wild locusts.  Today, he’d be labeled a homeless looney.  Yet God called him and he walked in his divine destiny.

The apostles were different.  Everybody was used to the religious leaders being Pharisees and Sadducees and highly educated in the scriptures.  Jesus appointed fishermen and tax collectors that didn’t know the scriptures.  Wow!  That was different.

All these people knew 2 things. They were different and they knew that God called them.

They didn’t try to become undifferent.  They didn’t start blending in with the crowd.

It was there differences that set them apart from the world and God used those differences to get the worlds attention.

 In 1 Corinthians 1:27  God says that he uses the foolish things of this world to confound the wise.

 Look how the fisherman disciples confounded the Pharisees and Sadducees.  How David confounded his family and King Saul.  How Abraham confounded everyone he came in contact with.  How Moses confounded Pharoah. 

I know sometimes that we struggle with being different and wanting to fit in.  Sometimes standing alone in the midst of the crowd because people aren’t talking to us or they don’t want to hang around with us and we feel stupid standing there alone.  We may not know what to do but just stand there.   That’s when we need to ask ourselves..

 Do you know that your different?  They did.  Do you know that God has a plan for your life?  They did.  Can God use you to get the worlds attention?  He used them.  Who do you know in your life that seems so wise?  Are they the ones that constantly make jabs at you, criticize you, make you feel stupid?   Can God use you to get their attention?

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