We feel, after many years of experience, that we have found nothing which has contributed more to the rehabilitation of these men than the altruistic movement now growing up among them.

    Alcoholics Anonymous  XXVI

Give, and it will be given to you. A good measure, pressed down, shaken together and running over, will be poured into your lap. For with the measure you use, it will be measured to you.

 Luke 6:38

 Thank you, Father, for my sobriety and serenity. Thank you  Lord for helping me to be a generous giver.  I pray, Father, that you would help me to think of others before myself  knowing that when I help others I will reap a harvest of sobriety and blessing.  In Jesus Name, Amen.

3 responses to “Giving

  1. Hi Cheryl…. I have believed the Bible for many years. But somehow lacked the faith to truly trust what it said. I too ended up an active alcoholic. Life imploded. I lost nearly everything.

    I scoffed at the steps thinking them benign and outdated. Quaint ideas, but I did not see or feel their effectiveness to any measure. That is until an imploded life got worse. I tried a number of methods to get clean, sober, and recovering. Including a “Bible Based residential recovery program”, run by well-meaning but unfortunately un-knowing christians who were not themselves addicts or alcoholics. I did not find recovery there. In fact, very few did, in spite of their public claims to the churches that supported the program.

    I finally got desperate enough to try out the antiquated 12 steps. I got a sponsor who also was a christian. Lo and behold, life changed almost immediately. I failed to stay clean and sober a few times, but got right back on my horse. In my final relapse, life got really bad and really painful. Worse than I ever thought I could imagine.

    God gave me the steps, the program, and people of AA to help me through. I have since been sober and recoverin a number of years. And the best part is that my journey through the steps has helped me get to a place where I see the Bible with so much more power and meaning. I am able to draw guidance and genuinely believe and act on what it teaches. The results?…. Miracle after miracle! Victory after victory! Blessing after blessing! And yes, plenty of trials in between.

    I belive from the bottom of my heart and through the experiences I have lived that the steps a gift that God gave us to use, just like he gave insulin for diabetics. The steps are a gift so powerful, that even those who do not recognize God for who he really is, can benefit from them and find recovery and sobriety.

    God is amazing and the Bible teaches truth. Timeless truth written thousands of years ago yet every bit as meaningful today.

    Thanks for your posts. I will pop by and read them often.



  2. Thanks Chaz! I totally relate with your share! I’m grateful that I had time in the program and an understanding of the Big Book before I became a Christian. It was such an awesome thing for God to open my eyes to see the truths of the Bible. I’m grateful that I knew how to read the Big Book and apply it to my life because when I turned my life over to Jesus and started reading the Bible it was much easier for me to put into practice what I had read and alot of the principles of AA came from the Bible. My husband likes to say that before there was a Big Book there was the Big Big Book because they used the Bible.

  3. I felt log-jammed in my thinking prior living and working the steps. Like I was blocked. My thinking processes crowded out the truths of the Bible. I feel that learning new ways to think by practicing the steps… which frankly came from biblical principles and practices anyway… helped unclutter my thinking. I can now see through the confusion and hear through the noise of my own head so much more clearly.

    For this reason, I can’t help but give God credit for creating the steps. Not unlike many technological and medical breakthroughs that God has given people who could then continue living and functioning so they had opportunity to know and serve him.

    A funny indirect route, isn’t it? But even Jesus said that even stones would testify of him if need be. So why not the steps?

    I am just grateful for what happened in my life… and continues to.

    Sounds like you have a similar journey.



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