But I don’t feel like it!

For years I was run by my emotions!  Always trying to forever change them or act them out.  Often times like a pressure cooker I would spew out on everyone in my path.  The Big Book says that we drink because we like the effect produced by alcohol and after a time we could not distinguish the truth from the false.  I’ve learned that my emotions can be very deceiving at times and can actually blind me from seeing the truth.  I remember when I first started going to meetings.  There were a lot of times that I didn’t feel like going.  I didn’t feel like working the steps.  I didn’t feel like calling my sponsor.  I didn’t feel like sharing in the meetings.  Do I have to??  I don’t feel like it!  Then I was asked, “Do you feel like getting drunk?”  That stopped me cold.  It’s not about how I’m feeling.  It’s about living life on life’s terms and being of maximum service to God and others.  When Bill Wilson reached out to another drunk it wasn’t because he felt like it….it was because he felt like drinking and so he did the opposite of what he felt.  He put his feelings aside to stay sober.  It’s those times when our emotions are reeling and we don’t feel like doing the next right thing that we need to put aside the feelings and act on what we know is right. That’s the time when we need to be reaching out to others and not stew in our own misery.  In the Big Book it says that lack of power that was our dilemma.  God gives us the power to overcome those emotions and do the right thing.  He restores our sanity and gives us the wisdom to make hard choices.  I can no longer use the excuse that I don’t feel like it.  It doesn’t work for me anymore because I now rely on God and he helps me.  When I am weak, He is strong!

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