The Blessing of the Lord maketh Rich

The blessing of the Lord makes a person rich, and he adds no sorrow with it.  Proverbs 22:10

We have all heard about people believing in different get rich quick schemes or having dreams of winning the lottery.  I’ve read about some lottery winners who won millions of dollars but are now bankrupt.  People seem to be disillusioned into thinking that the money is the answer.  If I just had more money then everything would be fine….If I could just pay my bills everything would be fine.  I remember one time being right in the middle of a job when my printer broke and I couldn’t complete the job without it.  I frantically started calling around trying to find the exact same printer.  When I called a certain store the man on the phone began to minister to me.  He told me that the printer wasn’t my problem and began to quote Psalm 23 to me over the phone and told me that I needed the Lord to restore my soul.  I was stunned. I knew that this man could probably lose his job for talking scripture to me so I listened to him intently.  I’m very grateful that this man obeyed and talked to me about God being our shepherd and leading us beside peaceful streams and restoring our souls.  I was so caught up in panic and trying to get the job done that I wasn’t trusting in God and seeking Him for answers or peace.  Many people do this today and get so caught up in trying to get and make money that they forget about the Lord. 

This scripture tells us that the BLESSING of the Lord makes a person rich and He adds no sorrow with it.  His blessing on our lives will cause us to prosper and there will be no sorrow, or panic or problems with it.  When I think about winning the lottery, I think about all the sorrows that come with the money.  Learning how to manage it and trying to deal with people who want it and on and on… I think is it really worth it?  I don’t believe that money grows on trees or that money will fall from heaven to me. I believe what God say in the scriptures and that He will cause everything I set my hand to to prosper.   By spending time with Him asking for direction in all my affairs, He has led me into green lush pastures.   The Bible says that the hand of the diligent maketh rich.  I do my part by setting my hands to the work God has given me and the scriptures say that He delights in my prosperity.  I want the Blessing of the Lord.  The blessing will cause me to come into the money and there will be no sorrow or headaches with it. What about you?

3 responses to “The Blessing of the Lord maketh Rich

  1. Good point ….For years I have been trying to get my music out there for the people to hear and be blessed by the ministry of it, but it seems harder than I thought and I often question myself as to why I’m trying to get the music heard, is it for a record deal, to be famous, for self gratification and an ego booster, or really to help people through ministry. While I know that the ability to hear, write, sing, record, produce and all of those things are blessings in themselves, how do I know if its just not what God wants me to do or if it just isn’t my time and I must work a little harder at it and be patient?

    • Hi David, I read your post the other day and took a day or so to pray before responding. God always puts His will in our hearts. I’ve often questioned myself about writing and why do I study and write. I want God to be glorified through my writing. If I can help someone to come to know Him better or help them to grow in their relationship with God that is why I do it. For you it seems that you glorify Him through your music. As we look to Him, He can open doors that no man can shut. He made a way for the Israelites when there seemed to be no way through the Red Sea. He made away for Joshua when the walls of Jericho looked insurmountable and He will make a way for you. Sometimes its not about working HARDER but its about using His wisdom and obeying what He’s telling you to do. Father God, I ask you to give David wisdom concerning his music. I pray Father that you would open up doors of opportunity for him to share the musical gifts that you’ve placed with him. I pray Father that he would be a blessing to those around him and that they will come to know you in a deeper way. I thank you that you are no respecter of persons and that what you did for Moses and Joshua, you can do for David. We thank you Lord and come into agreement that you will make a way for him because all things are possible with you. We ask you to direct his steps regarding his music and show him the next road to take. We thank you for placing him in the right place at the right time with the right people. In Jesus Name, Amen. I’m expecting BIG things, David!! Please keep me posted!!! Cheryl

  2. If God makes us rich and addeth no sorrow, why did Jesus Christ say” it is easy for a camel to get through the needle hole than a rich person to enter the Kingdom of God?”

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