Who do you represent?

All across our nation people stand as representatives for other people or institutions.  The House of Representatives for example represent the people of the state they serve.  An employee stands as a representative of the company who employs them.  A club member represents the club as a whole.  On a more personal level a family member represents their family and so on.  Either we represent well and make what we represent attractive to others or we push people away from whom or what we represent.  When people see your life and what God has done for you do they want to know the God that you serve?  Do we represent him well and attract others to Him?

            When we say we are a Christian we are representing Jesus Christ in all His fullness.  We are His ambassadors in the earth.  Our lives become living epistles for others to see.   In Mark 5, Jesus healed a man possessed by many evil spirits.  When Jesus went to leave the man that was healed begged Jesus to let him come too.   

“But Jesus said, “No, go home to your family, and tell them everything the Lord has done for you and how merciful he has been.”’ Mark 5:19 NLT

The man was grateful and wanted to follow the Lord and be with Him but was told to go and share his testimony with others so they might believe.  He was to represent the Lord Jesus and tell of His goodness. This is where I found myself in scripture. When I gave my heart to the Lord, he spoke these scriptures to me.  I am to tell everything the Lord has done and tell how merciful he has been to me.

            In John 4, Jesus had a conversation with a Samaritan woman.

   The woman left her water jar beside the well and ran back to the village, telling everyone, “Come and see a man who told me everything I ever did! Could he possibly be the Messiah?” So the people came streaming from the village to see him. John 4:28-20 NLT   Her testimony caused the villagers to ask Jesus to stay with them and He did for two days.   In verse 42: Then they said to the woman, “Now we believe, not just because of what you told us, but because we have heard him ourselves. Now we know that he is indeed the Savior of the world.”    Her testimony got them interested in hearing more and they made a decision to put their trust in Him also. 

            Our lives should attract people to God.  Our testimony should draw others to want to have a personal relationship with Him.  How we handle situations in our lives will determine how well we represent the King of Kings.  A smart retort or an unkind tirade can cause someone who wants to know about our God to look elsewhere.  We are a living witness and everywhere people are watching.  How many times have we heard or said ourselves when we see someone in sin “Look at him…and he says he’s a Christian.”  How quick we can be to pass judgment but Jesus didn’t.  He offered his hand to help them.  Jesus met people where they were and loved them and met their needs.  People are seeking real answers to really hard questions.  They want to see that Christians are really what they say they are.  People are tired of hypocrisy in life and especially in the church.  Jesus is real and His love is real and absolute.  We should show people His love in our lives and make them hunger for more of Him.   Let them see his mercy and forgiveness through our lives.  Let them come to Him for the joy and overflowing abundance that He promises to all believers. 

 But how can they call on him to save them unless they believe in him? And how can they believe in him if they have never heard about him? And how can they hear about him unless someone tells them?  And how will anyone go and tell them without being sent?… Romans 10:14-15a NLT

Lets spread the Word! Let’s represent the Lord Jesus well and attract others to Him by the lives we lead.  Let ‘s be the salt of the earth and the light of this world like Jesus said. Let’s let our light so shine that others will see our good works and glorify our Father in Heaven.

3 responses to “Who do you represent?

  1. There is a popular belief that we are suppose to be little christs. And to some extent this has a strong basis in truth. But I find something more. In the seeking of Jesus I encounter that “something more”.

    I’ve heard and seen the Church try to encourage each other to be “little christs”. And I’ve watched that fail time after time. I do not draw people to Jesus. That’s the Father’s job. Men are drawn to Jesus by His Holy Hand. It’s my part to simply tell of what He has done for me. I am, by no means, a “little christ”. I am one who has received the gift of eternal life from the One who is Life.

    In being the servant of the Most High God, I find myself being used.

    By His Grace.

  2. If you have a chritian symbol on your car, do you drive like a saint? I wear christian t-shirts…so I have to be kind when I don’t want to! Makes me think before I act, so others will see Jesus!

  3. When talking about representative we refer to as a photocopy of who we represent, meaning we stand in his (Jesus) position to act as if he is the one.

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