My Will, Your Will or God’s Will

There is a common misconception about God’s will that is very prevalent today. It’s the idea that everything that happens in life is God’s Will. I’m sure you have heard people say when something bad happens, “Well, I don’t know why God wanted that to happen but it must have been His will.” I used to believe that conception too until I learned better. I hadn’t stopped to consider that someone else’s will could have been involved. I know that it is my self-will that got me in all the trouble I got in with and without alcohol in my life. I also know that at times, like the Big Book says, I was like a tornado in the lives of those people around me. Now, I don’t believe it was Gods’ Will for them to get mistreated by me. I believe I took my will and hurt and damaged people, places and things around me and that’s why I must make amends. My will caused the pain and damage, not God.

Now, when I hear people say “that must have been Gods will”, I cringe because I know that God is good. God gave everyone a free will to choose and make decisions in life. There are bad things that happen in life as a result of our or someone else’s bad choices and then we blame it on God saying He had a reason for it and God didn’t have anything to do with it. Is the situation or circumstance happening because of someone’s self-will run riot. We are not puppets. God doesn’t make us do anything. We choose. We can choose to listen to Him and receive His guidance or we can choose to ignore Him and go at it alone. There are consequences to both choices. I’ve heard people get put in jail for DUI and then pray for God to deliver them out of jail and when He doesn’t they say it must be God’s will that they are in jail. How untrue is that! They are in jail because they got drunk and broke the law. God had nothing to do with it but now God is getting blamed for not rescuing them out of the pit they dug for themselves as a direct result of their actions. Bad decisions and bad choices can affect others and sometimes permanently. It doesn’t mean it was Gods will for them. It means that someone else made a bad choice and because of it someones’ life is affected. I do believe that God can use a bad situation to bring about good results but He didn’t cause the bad situation. God is good all the time. The Bible says that He is light and there is no darkness in Him at all. The Bible tells us that He has a good purpose and a plan for everyone. Does that mean everyone will have a good life and fulfill His plan. No, because not everyone will choose His way and God allows everyone to make their own choice. God has already chosen us but we must choose Him and allow Him access into our lives. We need to take into account that just as our will affects others their will can directly affect our lives as well. We need to give God credit for the good things He brings in our lives and stop blaming him for our self-will and the self-will of others.

Everything that happens in life is not necessarily Gods will. The real question we should ask is : Is this My Will, Your Will or Gods Will?



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